Piggs Peake House of Bricks Shiraz

Piggs Peake House of Bricks Shiraz

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Piggs Peake has a simple concept for describing to customers what a wine is like. House of Straw is light bodied. House of Sticks is medium bodied and, yes, you guessed it, House of Bricks is full bodied.

Every year when the grapes come in we do a grading based on colour, flavour, tannin levels and we put the heaviest reds into new American Oak to get the biggest wood characters.

In 2018, the biggest reds came from McLaren Vale in South Australia.
The grapes were soaked on skins pre-ferment then hand plunged in 2.5 ton open fermenters.

Fermentation was finished in new American Oak.
The end result is a generous, jammy wine with characters of blackberry and coffee.

Enjoy with Cheddar & Bresaola.