a delicious grazing board to wow friends and family from our food platters range. full of artisan cheese, gourmet cured meats and seasonal fruits. completed with local honeycomb. the best Sydney has to offer

Grazing Table Platter

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A platter meant for sharing. Grazing with afternoon drinks would be easy with this platter designed to wow your nearest and dearest. 

Remember to order your drinks here too! 

Small caters for 15 grazing or 8 substantial.    

Medium caters for 22 grazing or 12 substantial.    

Large caters for 30 grazing or 15 substantial PICTURED. 

This platter will be delivered 30 minutes prior to your guest arrival for food safety reasons. Our platters are too large to be refrigerated in a household fridge. Alternatively we can arrange the ingredients in our Kraft boxes and you can arrange them on your own platters. 

Our Grazing Table platter contains 4 cheeses and 4 cured meats. Accompanied by olives, pickles, fresh Sydney honeycomb, seasonal fruit, nuts, fruit paste, crisp breads & fresh organic sourdough. 

All produce is proudly Australian grown. 

What’s on The Grazing Table Platter

( Sample Menu only) 

  • Buffalo Feta, Sydney 
  • Triple Cream, Victoria
  • Cloth-Aged Cheddar, Victoria
  • Smoked Scamorza, Sydney
Cured Meats
  • Bangalow Sweet Pork Double Smoked Ham, Sydney 
  • Mild Chilli Sopressa, Sydney 
  • Smoked Wagyu Beef, Sydney
  • Bangalow Sweet Pork Prosciutto, Sydney
  • Fresh Honeycomb, Sydney 
  • Seasonal Local Fruit & Nuts 
  • Mixed Olives, SA
  • Pickles 
  • Hummus & Dukkah 
  • Crackers & Light Rye Organic Sourdough - Gf available on request